Max Sour - a celebration of sour beer

Jamie WightmanComment

Pucker up kids, it's Max Sour week.

For the whole of this week we're celebrating sour beers with some of our friends. The below friends, in fact. There are a myriad of events in and around Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Newcastle devoted to complexity, patience, blending skill and momentous facial expressions. The list is below..

Ushers - Alvinne Tap Takover - with a pretty insane beer list including Morpheus Vintage Blend, and Hair of the Dog collab, 'Fred meets Freddy'. You're unlikely to find a more diverse range of draught Alvinne beers anytime soon. Friday 10th of November.
6DN - 13 sour taps all week, and on Thursday a Cantillon bottles extravaganza, all beers being served by the 3rd including the insanely delicious Lou Pepe Kriek. No off sales!
Cornelius - 10th and 11th there will be a 'Cheese, Meat, Beer & Sweets' pairings in the shop, pop down and check out what they're up to. The addition of 'sweets' should prove interesting.
Vino Wines - A range of sours in all 5 stores across Edinburgh, and a free sour tasting at Vino Grange on Grange Loan on Friday 10th from5.30 -8pm. Ian is hosting and is bringing in a couple of beers from his own collection for added fun.
Salt Horse - Little Earth Beer have 8 kegs sitting in the cellar at Salt Horse, including Stupid Sexy Suffolk. They also have a keg of BA Farmhouse Blend Pale from 'After the Harvest'. Meat:Stack are providing a Kimchi Burger to compliment.

Block & Bottle - A week long sour showcase on tap featuring Swedish flavour masters, including Dugges / Stillwater collab; Mango Mango Mango.
Free Trade Inn - A new sour beer going on tap daily, culminating with at least 5 taps on Saturday the 11th, starting with Mikkeller Spontanblueberry and Little Earth Wild Mint Mojito, today.
Box Social - Bottle share tasting led by our very own 'Tolstoy of Beer', Oliver Catt on Tuesday the 7th.

Crossing the Rubicon
- Sour Tap Showcase, including some pretty ace To ØL beers from their 'Sur' series which should pair beautifully with their excellent Indian tapas.
Grunting Growler - A Dugges Foam Party? Oh yes. Thursday 9th of November from 5pm. Includes the frankly beautiful Tropic Thunder.
Koelschip Yard - Loads of Wild Beer Co on Wednesday 8th. Andrew Cooper, owner and founder of Wild Beer Co, will be hosting a free tasting of Wild Beer Co bottles from 7pm (space for around 15 people, first come first etc etc). The draught list includes casks of Jambo & Wildebeest, and 2 yr old Evolver.

Westhill -
On Friday 10th these guys are holding a Sour Beer Giveaway, head on down and taste some incredibleness.

Enjoy the sours, explore new things and re-experience things to see how they've changed. Our next beer style week will be in January, 'Make Mild Great Again'...Possibly.


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