Welcome to The Church of Noise..

New Wave is a beer distribution company based in Edinburgh.  We have 6 vans which deliver weekly, Monday to Friday, and go as far north as Aberdeen and as far south as Durham on the east and Kendal on the west. We don't work weekends. Ever.

We have a small number of pallet customers dotted around the country that we've worked with for many years, but for new customers outside our direct delivery area we'd definitely recommend you use local equivalent rather than us. If you're not sure who is based near you, we'll happily point you in the right direction.

If you're new to good beer, or as the kids these days refer to it, 'craft' beer you'll likely find it all a bit noisy. There are evangelists in our midst, as in any passionate sphere, but it's best to remember that it's just beer, and is supposed to symbolise fun, friendship and other things beginning with F.  

If you want to know more about our service, what days we are in your area, how you can sign up for our online ordering portal or are curious as to know what the f*ck DDH means, get in touch via the contact form on this website.